Suggested Solid Waste Removal Vendors – Tiger Sanitation or Comal Waste

Tiger is one of several waste removal vendors in our area. Lantana Ridge POA is currently in a group contract with Tiger to offer waste and recycle pick-up. This contract is an effort to provide consistent rates for property owners. The contract is not exclusive and does not require residents to use them. The current rate with Tiger is $84.66/quarter and $91.64 after taxes.

Goals when using a preferred vendor include:

Better/lower rates with a larger group;

Lower the amount of large trucks into the neighborhood, preventing wear and tear on the streets we pay to maintain and;

Prevent trash bins on the streets multiple times per week.

The neighborhood appears less cluttered to prospective buyers when trash bins are out only one day a week. Tiger picks up on Wednesday and so does Comal County (if you use that option). That way all trash pick-up is completed in one day, which is ideal for everyone. Please consider using Tiger or Comal County pick-up. Tiger Sanitation can be reached at 210-333-4387 or Comal Waste can be reached at 830-899-2452.

Welcome Committee –┬áVolunteers Needed

With all the new construction and resale of properties, it would be great to have a small team to welcome new property owners. We need at least one Lead person to help push consistent measures. There are several pieces of material already available, we just need a team to consistently share the information. Reach out directly to Shelly Wahl at [email protected] if you are interested in serving on this committee.