There are 3 vehicular gates at Lantana Ridge entrances and one at the community park.  Two of the entrance gates are for residents only and the Canyon gate is for contruction traffic.  All construction traffic must enter through that gate only.

You may download the Gate Access Request Form and find the following instructions for the gate here.

Gate Instructions:

Each owner is issued 2 gate remotes from previous owner which convey with the home at closing or upon initial request when purchasing a new home. Replacements for lost or stolen remotes are at the cost of $35 per remote (cost subject to change without notice).  If you need to purchase a new remote, please use this Gate Access Request form to submit payment and the request.

If you have tenants, be sure and get the remotes back when the tenants move to avoid replacement costs. 

The phone number you indicate on your ‘gate access request form’ is programmed into the gate directory.  You may identify a cell phone number for the gate kiosk.  At the kiosk, a visitor can scroll through the gate directory, find your name & hit the ‘call’ button.  If a visitor calls you from the gate directory (not from their cell phone), hit ‘9’ on your phone to open the gate.

If you have tenants and they would like to be in the gate directory, please email us their name and phone number. Please let us know when they move out.

Each resident is also assigned a personal gate code.  This is a 6 digit code for your personal use for allowing access to your home.  This code can be used by you or given to your guests, housekeeper, landscaper, babysitter, visiting family/friends, for deliveries, etc.  It is for your personal use.  If you have a code you would like us to use, please email us at [email protected] otherwise, please use the gate code assigned.

Gate Kiosk Tip

Stop at the kiosk and follow the directions to find your name. Next to your name is a 3-digit code. Next time someone asks for your code, just give them your 3-digit code. The kiosk will automatically call the number you have listed so you can buzz them in. This way, you’re not giving out your personal code to anyone.

Gate Contacts:

If you have additional questions about the gate, you may e-mail [email protected]