ARC Process

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

The ARC is responsible for approving requests for new home construction and exterior improvements to existing homes. Per the CCRs, this group has 21 days to approve or disapprove a request.

Download the Architectural Review Forms including the ARC Improvement Form, Culvert Sizes, New Home Checklist and Rules for Builders.   Complete the ARC Improvement Form and send it to the email address listed on the form. The more complete the information is, the quicker the ARC can approve a project. In addition to completing the form, it is helpful if we have a site map of the property to show where the improvement will be placed and pictures to show the materials and colors. With fences, a picture of a fence that is the same style you want to add speeds up the process.

We have found sometimes the approval letter winds up in spam folders so if you are waiting for a decision, you might want to check there. By sending in complete information, a project can be approved sooner than if we have to ask for missing information.