Gate Information

How do I get a gate code and remote?

When you buy property in Lantana Ridge, you are eligible for assignment of a remote transmitter which provides access to your property through the three entrance gates and the community Park. Your mobile telephone number may be used to grant access to your guests through the gate kiosk at either the Lantana Canyon or Lantana Mesa gates.

Complete the gate remote request form you received at closing or Click Here to download a copy. 

E-mail the document to our Gate Manager, Kimberly, at

Then, make an appointmentto pay for and pick up the remote(s) onsite from or call 281-615-9116.

Security Gate Tip

Stop at the gate kiosk and follow the directions to find your name. Next to your name is a 3-digit code. This code is the perfect solution to securing your private gate code. Give the 3-digit code instead of your private code. When a guest arrives at the kiosk, they type in your 3-digit code and the kiosk will automatically call you for access.

Besides property owners, who else has access through the gates?

All legitimate, registered contractors with reason to be in Lantana Ridge have their own entrance codes assigned, which they obtain through the POA. These are vendors who access regularly, such as builders, the postman, delivery companies, septic system maintainers, etc. Their codes, however, are limited to business days and hours.

What about emergency vehicles: how do they gain entrance?

EMS, Police and Fire departments access our gates through a special device attached to our gates. They also have a special code assignment.

How do I let my landscaper, cleaning person or delivery folks inside the gates?

Use your 3-digit code that will allow the kiosk to call you directly, or give them your code.

What else do I need to know?

When you share your personal gate code you have just given access to Lantana Ridge to an unknown number of people 24 -7 -365. NEVER give out your personal gate code to anyone other than family or friends whom you trust.

Who pays for gate maintenance and costs?

You do. Your POA dues pay all costs of operating and maintaining the gates and every gate unauthorized activation costs property owners money for maintenance.

Whom do I contact to request a temporary code or more information?

The current gate system manager is Kimberly at Community Association Management. She may be contacted by phone at 512-288-2376 or email at